June 7, 2008

Your Turn: Hillary To Womankind

Hrc Portrait D.Winter

# 1: Caption: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton sat for an interview and portrait with The New York Times in March. She waged a presidential campaign that touched every corner of the nation this year, from the winter snows of Iowa to the summer breezes of Puerto Rico. But she fell short of the Democratic nomination, suspending her bid on Saturday.  From: Clinton Cross-Country slide show – 6/7/08 (NYT) image: Damon Winter/The New York Times


Given the unique circumstances I find myself in, I’m stopping about 50% short of my usual process and just spreading out what I’ve got on my desktop.

On a typical day, I come down to 3-5 pictures on a particular (usually news-breaking) subject which I’ll lay out a lot like this.  From there, I’ll study each to find the one which is most: visually interesting; descriptive in a way which captures the largest slice of the politics; and most ambiguous (in a rich, “multiple-story-to-tell” kind of way).

Once I get that far, typically one shot will jump out at me as the most “full,” and I’ll pull my 2 or 3 major thoughts together on it. …But not today.

My problem is, the Clinton withdrawal has generated so many interesting pictures, and the story — in terms of Hillary the person, Hillary the symbol, Hillary’s family, the Clinton legacy, feminism, sexism, sexism vs. racism, etc. — is so complex that I found I couldn’t land in one place.  I can tell you where I was going, which was to concentrate on Hillary’s resonance with womankind, so I’m pleased I could actually arrive at this edit.  For here, though, I could use your help.

Certainly, I have no problem if you have thoughts that cross images.  What would be optimal, however, is to see whether you could bring home “the last 50%” on just one of these photos by elaborating on 2-3 specific details, then offering your take on what the image might have to tell us on the subject.

Besides the shot above, here’s what else I have on the drawing board:

Hillary Texas

#2. Caption: The audience at a rally for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in Beaumont, Tex., on the eve of the primary there in March.

From: Clinton Bloc Becomes the Prize for Election Day (6/7/08) Image: Todd Heisler/The New York Times.

Hillary Wonderwoman

#3. Caption: The senator’s rally in Mayfield, Ky., drew some enthusiastic audience members in May.  From: Clinton Cross-Country slide show – 6/7/08 (NYT).  Image: Todd Heisler/The New York Times.

Laura Page Hillary

#4 Caption: Laura Page, 17, wearing the regalia of Teen Miss North Carolina, listened to Mrs. Clinton at an event in Gastonia in May. From: It’s Been a Long Time Running slide show (6/3/08) Image: Damon Winter/The New York Times.

Clinton Pillow

#5. Caption: Some supporters apparently well-versed in Clinton campaigning waited for Mrs. Clinton in Radnor, Pa. From: Clinton Cross-Country slide show – 6/7/08 (NYT).  Image: Béatrice de Géa for The New York Times.

Clinton’s Bid Comes to a Close slide show – 6/7/08 (NYT)

Clinton Cross-Country
slide show – 6/7/08 (NYT)

It’s Been a Long Time Running
slide show -6/3/08 (NYT)

Clinton: No Decision
slide show 6/3/08 (NYT)

Democrats Vote on Role of Florida and Michigan
slide show – 6/1/08  (NYT)

Clinton Bloc Becomes the Prize for Election Day – 6/7/08 (NYT)

At Clinton’s final rally, the scene is more bitter than sweet (McClatchy)

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