July 27, 2008

Still Playing In Peoria (Depending On Who's Looking)

Bush Peoria Wh Site

Bush Peoria Nyt

Demonstrating that Dubya and the White House remain firmly inside their bubble, compare these two shots of Bush on Friday in Peoria.

The first shot is from the White House photo gallery.  The second is from a NYT article detailing how Bush, although largely frozen out of the campaign, continues to visit safe GOP districts, and otherwise is fundraising like a madman.

With the terror and security motif dying hard, it’s funny how the baby in the WH shot mirrors the agent.  Of course, the baby in the Times pic easily symbolizes the feelings toward Bush of approximately 8.5 out of 10 of the rest of us.

In this case, however, it’s the White House which offers the greater context — at least, as to the locale.  Whereas the NYT identifies the setting as simply the Peoria airport, the White House indicates the exact spot is the Peoria Airport Air National Guard Ramp and the friendlies are military families.

Seems those military audiences, long a staple of the  Bush photo op — in the WH version, almost exclusively stocked with young girls and babies — now serve as a last refuge.

(h/t: Aaron)

(image 1: White House photo by Chris Greenberg. July 25, 2008. Greater Peoria Regional Airport – Air National Guard Ramp in Peoria, IL.  image 2: Evan Vucci/Associated Press via The New York Times)

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