August 23, 2008

Having Obama's Back


1a.  You get the feeling that Biden can do for Obama what the guy in the backpack is doing for him.  Too bad American politics — especially the way the GOP plays it — is so much about manhood, but that’s the game.

1b.  Biden is one of the few liberals that could pull off a scene like this.

2.  He’s been to Iraq eight times.  In February, he was in Pakistan and Afghanistan (above).  And he just returned from Georgia where he met with Saakashvili.  Biden is so deep in foreign policy, a shot like this seems more generalized than specific.

3.  Biden also looks like the senior statesman, especially in contrast to the skinny kid with the glasses.  Offers some real contrast to McCain in that Navy hat.

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  (image: unattributed. caption: Sen. Biden at a Forward Operating Base (FOB) in Kunar Province, Afghanistan)

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