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August 30, 2008

Our Man On The Floor: Minneapolis Edition (… Unless It's New Orleans)

A program note:  Although our Minneapolis coverage will not be the same wall-to-wall version we brought you from Denver, The BAG‘s Alan Chin is slated to work the Republican Convention and you can count on the same kind of daily, exclusive imagery and visual analysis we delivered in Ohio and New Hampshire.  … That is, unless conditions worsen in The Gulf.

Chin is leaving Denver this afternoon and plans to drive as far as Des Moines before deciding to turn left or right.  Because Alan is deeply committed to the New Orleans story, having been there at least fifteen times since Katrina (beginning at BAGnewsNotes with this stunning report), I believe if the situation is severe — and we’re all hoping against it — that he’ll be filing for us from the south.

Update 11:40 PST: Heard from Alan about two hours ago.  He was just outside Amarillo and, indeed, making a beeline for New Orleans. 

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