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August 28, 2008

Our Man On The Floor: The Average Joe

Excuse the abbreviated analysis as we’ve had a few fires to fight.

Wednesday night was a TV show, sure, but the excitement in the hall — and Al and I were fortunate to be on the floor the last hour — was quite genuine.

Joe Biden’s unassuming, “average Joe” nature (the 94th richest man in the senate, I keep hearing) and his uncomplicated description of the failure of the GOP and the shortcomings of John McCain came through clearly and deliberately.

I think Biden — and I believe this comes through in the pictures of the two men together — lends a strong, grounding anchor to to this high-energy “change campaign,” especially with the kind of inordinate, made-for-television presentation requirements necessary today (on the part of each party) to sell their candidate.

Biden speech

(Images © Alan Chin.  Denver. 2008)

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