August 1, 2008

Some Breaking News: "Dollar Bill" McCain







… But what’s really classic is that McCain put Obama’s face on a dollar bill over a month ago!

Is the media buying McCain’s story that Obama played the race card, using his description of McCain doing things analogous to putting his face on a dollar bill?  Of course, most everyone has taken it as an analogy and McCain, as well as some of the media, have been looking to crucify Obama for it.  The thing is, McCain actually DID put obama’s face on a dollar bill — over a month ago in a little-seen web video.  The point is, Obama’s analogy — whether he realized it or not, and maybe he heard about the video and only recalled it subconsciously — isn’t even an analogy, it’s true!

Plus, Team McCain turned him pansy yellow, made him all starry-eyed, then blew him up.

(…And, I leave it to my sharp-eyed and photoshop-savvy readers to decide if those aren’t X’s embedded in that last frame, or maybe other weird stuff.  Not sayin’, just wonderin’.)

Video here.

(image: McCain for President, as usual)

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