September 22, 2008

Dodd Going By The Book

Dodd Office

One thing the financial crisis has exposed, so far, is the serious vacuum of leadership in Washington.

On Monday, Chris Dodd — Chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Chairman — seemed to emerge as a point man.  Beyond the authority of the chairmanship, there were numerous shots on the wire of Dodd in the halls or meeting rooms of Congress, the light reflecting off that white hair.

This shot, taken in Dodd's office over the weekend where he was working on the crisis, captures that same effect.  The most notable element in the shot, however, is Bob Woodward's new book in the foreground, a signifier of the need to keep front-and-center — with all the talk of urgency and need for buy in — what and who the Dems are really dealing with here. 

(image: Lauren Victoria Burke/AP. September 20, 2008, Capitol Hill)

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