September 26, 2008

Keeping A Low Profile With The Gang

MccainboehnerMark Halperin posted this photo this morning showing McCain walking ahead of Minority Leader John Boehner and other House Republicans.  Halperin credits the photo to Getty, but I’ve been unable to find it, even on the Getty site.

According to Halperin, it was taken this morning in Washington after a meeting between McCain and Republican congressman before negotiations resumed on the banking crisis.  Because yesterday’s media was filled with shots of McCain trooping around the Capitol, as well as meeting with the President and bipartisan leadership, visual consumers received a thoroughly biased view of who McCain has actually been in bed with.  Besides Republican whip and bailout opponent Roy Blunt, far left, the congressman far right is Eric Cantor, one of the leaders of the House insurgents bent on derailing the ongoing banking negotiations. 

The blogosphere well-noted Blunt’s assertion yesterday that McCain stuck his nose in the negotiating process and even got in the way.  What Blunt wasn’t blunt about, pardon the pun, was that McCain has been colluding with the House faction. 

In spite of this one shot — McCain like the Don, Boehner with his hand on the new boss, and the rest of the boys looking fully charged — McCain has been mostly careful not to to be seen with the gang in public.

(image: Getty??)

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