September 29, 2008

McCain's Casino

Mccain Indians

I’m still admiring the shot accompanying the NYT McCain gambling expose.  The piece outlines McCain’s potential conflict of interest involving his oversight of the gambling industry (not to mention, his personal penchant for the tables).

The image is from a 2005 hearing showing McCain, chairman of the Indian Affairs Committee, pursuing charges of misconduct made by six Indian tribes against Jack Abramoff, their former lobbyist.  According to The Times, McCain had ties to the tribes looking to trip up Abramoff.

What’s so clever is the focus and angle of the colored lights used, I believe, to control the timing of a person giving testimony.

In tandem with the spots reflecting off the marble back wall, it seems like Chairman McCain could as easily be operating a blinking, colorful slot machine. Of course, the casino allusion is that much more biting given the financial crisis, and the Congressional battle over the Wall Street meltdown.

(image: Alex Wong/Getty Images.  Washington, 2005)

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