September 25, 2008

McCain's Face Value


The reason Lettermen lashed out at McCain last night in playing a make-up outtake from Mac’s interview before Couric’s program?

It’s not just because McCain ditched Letterman at the last minute to do the interview.  It’s because the McCain campaign has so manipulated and abused both the infotainment complex and the news and visual media, the people with the cameras are retaliating by calling McCain on just what a show he is. 

With McCain aspiring to Rove-level media manipulation (but butchering it), this frame, in particular, highlights a make-up artist simply toning up McCain’s already applied “deadly serious, no-can-campaign, certainly-no-can-do-Letterman, national crisis face.” 

Given McCain’s spiraling level of acting out, by the way, it’s no coincidence a McCain make-up feature would simultaneously pop up in the media sphere pulling at the surface of what is coming into clearer view as layer upon layer of phoniness.

David Letterman Reacts to John McCain Suspending Campaign (YouTube)

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