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September 11, 2008

Palin Gibson



These are not the kinds of stills the traditional visual media is going to propagate, but they are characteristic of a) the hard-edge of the Veep candidate, and b) how over her head the presumptuous Sarah Palin is on the national stage.

From what I’ve seen of Gibson so far, as ABC piece-meals this out, score one for journalism.  But then, exactly what kind of the picture will come through the spin?

I presume any quizzical look, for example, will be attributed by the wingnuts to Gibson trying to trap Palin with a question like whether she knows “the Bush Doctrine.”  In that case, Gibson taking a tougher stance will be grounds for moral offense, and that — as an extension to the “healthy fight” exhibited in the first shot — is how the second pic will likely be read.

updated 10:45 pm PST

(screen shots: abc via msnbc via BNN point-and-shoot)

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