September 1, 2008

Palin's Place

Palin Baby Blackberry

Palin Feeding Baby

I've been trying to get a handle on the Sarah-Bristol-Trig story since the Kos piece came out alleging that Trig wasn't Sarah's baby.

Where I landed on this, even before this AM's news that Bristol is pregnant, is that Sarah Palin might have some problems with judgement.  One person who wrote me questioned what person (if the background is true) would insist on making a speech once her already high-risk labor started, then would take an extended flight home rather than going directly to a hospital.

It would be presumptuous, as well as sexist of me to suggest that a woman with a new baby, Down Syndrome or not, should or shouldn't be going back to work within a few days, or accepting the nomination and running for Vice President.  Given the fact a person with so little experience and qualification would so readily seek and accept a place on the ticket, however, and now factoring the news that Sarah Palin covered up her daughter's pregnancy (at least to the American public), you have to wonder who Palin really is.

In the admittedly subjective area of visual analysis, taking the stream of Palin pictures so far as the main source of data, a number of things suggest themselves — these two images from Megan McCain's blog distilling those concerns into single, discrete pictures.

In shot number one, Palin's use of the cell phone simultaneously with the Blackberry raises questions about her degree of organization, not to mention how much she's got her hands full.  Again, I did not select out the second shot as a singular example, but as the best representative of dozens and dozens of shots so far.  In this case, what the portrait raises for me is the degree of Palin's ambition.  What I'm drawn to is Sarah's affinity for the camera — Trig, even if inadvertently, serving as a prop for this photo shoot with People magazine.

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