September 4, 2008

RNC Final Night Top 10


The Evil-Doers and Haters video


No surprise, Palin gets between McCain and the cameras after Mac’s speech.

Meanwhile, McCain’s gesture describes whose convention it really was.


Cindy with Mother Teresa


Use of giant rear projection images puts sickly green background

behind Mac again for first 10 minutes of acceptance speech.

(Here’s the real backstory — nailed by a BAGreader first, I believe, if you check the comments.)

(And if you haven’t seen it, watch the Colbert Green Screen Challenge from the 2:30 mark.)

Dnc10-Bridget2-1 Dnc10-Bridget1-1

After all the GOP bluster about the exploitation of candidate’s children, Cindy

actually exploited Bridget and her adoption to boost her own humanitarian cred.


The networks managed to make it seem like there were plenty of black faces among the delegates.


MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell thought her near-drowning by balloon was an innocent thing.

No Andrea, Palin and her religious right posse are completely pissed off and they really were trying to drown you.

Dnc10-Palin-Ebay  Rnc10-Cindy-Plane

You know that plane Palin sold on eBay?  I think Cindy bought it.


Proper etiquette: When your Mom’s to your right, you should acknowledge her by reading off the teleprompter to your right.


Who could resist Sarah in pearls and the paramilitary-looking outfit. (Can anyone ID the uniform?).

And, of course, the moose.


O.K, it’s an eleventh. I just had to say:

I hope I don’t see that whiney little war-mongering Lindsey Graham ever bear his teeth again!

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