September 11, 2008

The BAGnewsSALON: 9/11: Looking Back From Now

Rnc Wtc 3

Thanks to all for attending tonight’s BAGnewsSALON, an on-line real-time discussion, titled 9/11: Looking Back From Now.

Lori Grinker 9 11Participants included noted visual academics Loret Steinberg (Rochester Institute of Technology); Bob Hariman (Northwestern U.); Nathan Stormer (U. of Maine); and Marita Sturken (N.Y.U.); photojournalists Alan Chin and Tim Fadek; and BAGnewsNotes readers as well.

The discussion was moderated by Cara Finnegan (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) focusing on seven photos dealing with the 9/11 attack and how they speak to us today.

Thanks to all who attended and keep an eye out for the transcript.

(image 1: Texas delegates watch video presentation “9/11: The Day the World Stood Still” on destruction of the World Trade Center towers.  This final scene of the video shows the shining buildings intact.  2008 Republican National Convention. St. Paul, Minnesota September 4, 2008.  John Gress/Reuters. image 2: BNN Contributer Lori Grinker)

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