September 23, 2008

The Foreign Policy Education Of Sarah Palin (In One Okay, More Than One Photo-Op)

So, I was sort of live-blogging the newswire stream of SP’s morning at the U.N.

Palin Kissinger

Steve Schmidt, you’re so clever….

You see, Henry is that good that just one photo op sit-down can make anyone competent in foreign policy.  Especially any unreasonably confident person.

“So, you got it, right?”  Now, jump in that limo and bring on Uribe, Karzai, that heavy-set dude from Iraq!  (What was it?  Talaban, Taliban, Talibani  …Something like that.)

Update 1 (… as long as these links hold out)

Of course, never blink.  Just don’t.  Just DON’T! …And Uribe asks: “Was that good, or do we need another take?”

Update 2 (12pm PST)

Passing on the cookies, Sarah builds cred by deferring in the fashion department.

Update 3 (12:12 pm PST)

In the meantime, here’s a nice shot of the temperate rally SP was dis-invited from yesterday.

Update 4 (12:15 pm PST)

I’m just wondering, though, if Schmidt/Palin can come up with anything half as good as last year’s power snub.

… Okay, I’m going, I’m going.  I’ll be back in about an hour.

Update 5 (1:13 pm PST)

I’m back.  (Let’s not talk about the 405.)

Turns out, there was a big dust up this AM when Team Palin tried to completely bar reporters from the circus.  According to the official language: “The decision was made for this to be a photo spray with still cameras and video cameras only.”  At this point, hard to see the difference.  Here’s the CBS write-up with a fun video.  The click-click-click was never so loud.

By the way, you call that a handshake?

Update 6 (1:20 pm PST)

Back!  Back!  (And wow, even caught Old Glory!)

Update 7 (1:26 pm PST)

Very nice.  That must be the reverse angle.

Update 8 (1:34 pm PST)

Turns out Saakashvili and Yuschenko are tomorrow with Mac. Palin also goes solo with Talabani, Ali Zardari and Singh.  … There goes my day job.  But seriously, I hope she doesn’t stare at Yuschenko’s face.  (Laura didn’t.)  (I’m sure they’ll make sure to tell her, however, the Russians did it.)

Update 9 (1:41 pm PST)

Oh, I thought they were meeting at Henry’s apartment.

Update 10 (1:55 pm PST)

And then, the photo scene was interesting inside the UN, as well.  With Carla in attendance and a head of state like Cristina Fernandez speaking, one wonders where exactly Sarah falls.

Update 11 (1:59 pm PST)

They really put this on the wire?

Update 12 (2:01pm PST)

Or, this?

Update 13 (2:05)

O.K., ’nuff said.

(image: Brian Snyder/ Reuters.  New York September 23, 2008)

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