September 4, 2008

The Right To Be Here


Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty blamed the violence this week on a small group of “anarchists, nihilists, and goofballs who want to break stuff and hurt people.”

“They need to be dealt with,” Pawlenty said in an interview with WCCO-AM of Minneapolis. (via MSNBC.)

This is a pic and an accompanying write-up posted anonymously at Twin Cities Indymedia I wanted to pass along.

Notice the horses are wearing those riot masks too.  Robo horses.  I don’t remember seeing that before.  The blue line looks pretty deep on this narrow, otherwise two-way path along what must be quite a scenic view.  And then, there is something ironic to those 13 or so teeny-tiny American flags.

The post is titled: “The Right To Be Here,” and it begins:

I’m not an anarchist. At least I wasn’t one of the kids running around the Xcel Energy Center in black handkerchiefs during the St Paul RNC. Nor did I store my urine in a bucket for a week to throw on delegates, and I didn’t break any windows either. But, I was one of the people detained by police on Monday. One of my co-workers even saw me on the Channel 11 news, zip-tied like a hog, being led away walking backwards by two riot police.  (Full text.)

(image: anonymous)

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