October 10, 2008


Bho Shell Library

With all the dirt flying around this week from Palin-McCain’s ugly character attacks, thank goodness for Callie Shell.  She shot this photo at the Public Library in Detroit as Obama waited for Michelle and the Bidens to arrive for an interview.

When Bush used to mention particular books, we knew it was Rove who really read them.  Palin flat-out couldn’t think of anything she’s reading.  And McCain’s taste gravitates more toward network TV and pop culture.

If Obama makes a fit here, I think it’s not such an easy thing to pull off.  Someone else might seem to disappear in this large and tall space whereas Obama seems to hold down the center.  So too, he seems that much more appropriate enveloped by voluminous knowledge and the atmosphere of silence.  Perhaps, with the vision pose, he’s also the guy to help modernize this place?

(image: Callie Shell / Aurora for TIME. White House Photo Blog.  2008.  Detroit)

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