October 14, 2008

If The Visual Media Had The Nerve

Palin-Real-2 Palin-Real-1

I’m so tired of updates like “A Riveting Speaker, Waving the Flag,” today’s NYT Palin political memo that softens and soft-peddles someone so wayward and thoroughly incendiary.  If the photo accompanying the article hints at something off (Palin with a sour look on her face), it, too, is way too subtle a commentary on this provocative steamroller dishing out her daily helping of irrational hate.

If the visual media had the nerve, the two shots above — the first illustrating that signature Stepford-like, angry-hard conviction and the other framing the outright ranting and raving — would be more representative of the daily fare branding the Palin show.  Instead however, these shots — representing a commentary in itself — are parked in a completely media-safe place, in a NY Magazine candidate funny-face slide show

(images: Getty Images)

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