October 16, 2008

More On "Who Is Barack Obama?"

illustration: Drew Friedman

“He is measured and stable,” said Mr. Nimoy, who played Mr. Spock on Star Trek, and who has supported Mr. Obama since they first met about a year and a half ago at a small Los Angeles fund-raiser. “It’s true that he has an intellect that works for him, he handles difficult problems with aplomb. Reliability and stability are very important assets in this race, in these particularly volatile times.”

— from Be Logical, Captain! (NY Observer)

Beyond my interest in the employment of Star Trek as a personality tool, I’m heartening to see Obama — finally and prominently — being caricatured so cleverly and humorously.  What it indicates to me is that the country is starting to finally make him its own.

I’m also thinking, however, about how — even at this point — people are still floating the question: Who Is BHO?

I think the lingering problem has to do with Obama being so multi-dimensional.  He’s charismatic, but he’s also nerdy.  He’s intellectual, but he’s also quite physical.  He’s passionate, but he also has great control over his emotions.

It’s because of this range that I can definitively say I don’t think Obama is like Spock at all … but that, at the same time, I think this illustration nails Obama like nothing I’ve seen yet.

Your thoughts?

Update:  Interestingly, David Brooks has a “thinking out loud”-kind of column this morning arriving at the strength of Obama’s personality.  Although it’s quite laudatory — making is seem like Brooks is the latest conservative convert to Obama — he also seem a bit disappointed Obama might not turn out to be as electrifying as everyone thought.

(illustration: Drew Friedman)

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