October 30, 2008

Our Man In Pennsylvania – Inside and Outside Two Rallies

Here’s Alan Chin’s finest, shot Tuesday at two different rallies, the McCain/Palin affair in Hershey and Palin’s appearance in Shippensburg. (If you use the double-right arrow, you can page through at your own pace.)

Alan says that the “praying” gesture lasted at least ten minutes. (I was wondering if those were state of Alaska earrings?)

Regarding the McCain shot (#7), Chin says McCain is visibly cranky and impatient — much worse than when he shot him in New Hampshire. Chin says it’s hard to imagine why McCain putting himself through this — especially having to pander to these obviously extreme right-wing crowds.

On shot #9, his remark was: “Could you imagine someone at an Obama rally holding up this kind of sign?”

Alan found it really disturbing (in #10 and 11 — the signs on the cars) that people would go to that trouble.

The last shot, #12, reads “Ship Happens.” The t-shirt was a gift from local university. I can’t speak for the hockey stick. …By the way, the designer duds are long gone.

I’m definitely curious about your thoughts — and questions. Alan should be available today to participate in the thread. Overall though, these photos make me agree even more that McCain, as Chin remarked, has really “sold his soul to the devil.”

(images © Alan Chin. Hershey/Shippensburg, PA, Oct. 28, 2008)
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