November 3, 2008

’08 Parting Shots: A Regular Jo(k)e

Christopher Morris/TIME. from: McCain’s Final Push. Sandusky, OH

I was interested to see Josh Marshall call Joe the Plummer a skinhead. Sadly, most of the media missed or ignored the fact he was spewing racist garbage and looking to entrap Obama from the get-go.

Looking back at the key players and portraits of ’08, I’m impressed how photographer Christopher Morris draws such a bead on Wurzelbacher. What does it mean that this guy came out of nowhere and hit the national circuit without a drop of nervousness or inhibition? What does it mean that he actually stood up McCain at a rally in the closing days of the campaign? What does it mean that this guy would do a FOX interview in a worn t-shirt?

Although the following associations wouldn’t apply universally, from what we know of the supposed “everyman,” the bald head and the crossed arms and the set jaw and the t-shirt wardrobe all smack of a righteous superiority that is off-the-charts.

And McCain set up this skinhead as Peoria?

(image: Christopher Morris/TIME. from: McCain’s Final Push. Sanduski, OH)

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