November 6, 2008

And Now It Starts

Well, the NYT moved pretty fast today in walking back their first visual swipe at the Obama administration.

The top screen shot, which led the on-line edition in the early afternoon, framed Obama’s first political appointee, Rahm Emanuel (as well as Obama himself) as overly hard-baked, conniving and conspiratorial (even though their story yesterday emphasized how much Emanuel has smoothed out the rough edges over the years).

In the space of about an hour, however, swapping a Reuters shot for the AP selection on the home page and in the article, we saw a warmer, more collegial impression instead.

Sure, Emanuel isn’t exactly Bambi, but no presidential Chief of Staff ever is. The larger point, however — with all the crucial problems and promise in the air — is that we don’t need this kind of tone.

(images: Charles Rex Argobast/AP. John Gress/Reuters)

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