November 1, 2008

Campaign ’08 Final Weekend 1: Presidential Suspect Escapes On Foot

Not surprisingly, there’s a lot of nasty business going down this weekend.

Drudge never runs a photo credit so I don’t know where he got this shot of Obama and Sasha on Halloween. I couldn’t find it anywhere else.

What happened is that Obama had first admonished the regular pool crew to give him and his daughter some space. After they backed off, though, a Polish crew (that didn’t understand English) kept pursuing him. At that point, Obama, who had been walking Sasha to a Halloween party in his neighborhood, broke into a run.

The appropriately named Chi Trib “Swamp” blog had the cute idea to write up the incident in the form of a police report. You know, the kind where the black suspect is being pursued on foot until he makes a run for it. Here are snips:

Obama was wearing sunglasses, dark slacks, a dark jacket partly unzipped to show a white shirt, no tie. Sasha was wearing a white cape and what appeared to be a black leotard. This costume had been described previously as a “corpse queen.”

Michelle and daughter Malia’s whereabouts could not be confirmed.

Staking out the Halloween party now.

If you check out Drudge’s accompanying headlines (besides the testy/uppity allusion in the first one), the last one is particularly odious in the way it ties back to the photo. Besides the inference of a race war, it actually speaks of: a blood running in the streets.

The more damaging aspect of a pic like this,  In the hands of the right wing, what could be damaging about a picture like this is how much it  it might be used to challenge how temperate and contained Obama is and has been throughout the campaign.

It could be a long weekend.

(screen grab: Drudge Report. photo unattributed.)

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