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November 13, 2008

Diva-ization Of The GOP

Crist.jpgCrist Palin.jpg

I’ve been sorting through the more representative images from the GOP Governors Beauty Pageant Conference in Miami.

Here, Florida Governor Crist, the man with the perpetual tan, articulates the pervasive impact of Sarah Palin’s modeling on the Republican establishment. Only enhanced by the electric blue background, Crist offers this signature gesture to a spectator during Palin’s address to a Plenary Session.

I have no idea how to read Charlie’s adulation in the second shot, but SP’s “I’m the bomb” expression is well familiar by now.

Ana Marie Cox had some great tweets this morning by the way. They include:

I need me some Pawlenty to wash the Palin out of mouth. I think I speak for America in saying that.

God, she was AWFUL. Fell back on stump speech, I think, in order to get reliable applause. Someone give Matt Scully a retroactive raise.

In main hall Palin gives her stump speech! WTF? Trig, energy, McCain TEH AWESOME, JOE THE FUCKING PLUMBER. Wonder if she’ll work in Ayers…

Palin only took 3 questions, snapped at Dana Bash: “This isn’t my first formal press conference. I’ve been doin’ ’em in Alaska for years.”

(images: Hans Deryk/Reuters. Miami November 13, 2008)

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