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November 20, 2008

Minnesota Recount: Barkley vs. Franken vs. Coleman vs. Lizard People

Why should the so-called experts have all the fun in the Minnesota Senate recount? Barkley? Franken? Coleman? Lizard People? Or, discard? You make the call:

1. arrow.jpg

2. markballot.jpg

3. noballot.jpg

4. lizardpeopleb.jpg

5. checkballot.jpg

6. doubleballot.jpg

7. dot.jpg

8. eraser.jpg

9. confusion.jpg


Vote here … or better yet, discuss here and then see who’s challenging what in each case and vote at Minnesota Public Radio.

(images: Curtis Gilbert, Bill Alkofer, Tom Robertson, Sea Stachura/ MPR. Also: Dakota County)

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