November 19, 2008

Obama Introduces Bubba To New Concept — Submission

Evelyn Hockstein for The New York Times. undated. location unknownMore on Obama’s art of war….

What is perhaps most noteworthy about the Clinton/Secretary of State vetting process this week is the degree to which the supposedly untamable Bill Clinton has come to be identified with the word “submit” — as in: submit past, present and future charitable and business activities to strict ethics review. (So remarkable was this turn of events, by the way, that the NY Observer ran this micro-article re-quoting Clinton saying “I’ll do what they want” three different times.)

The authority demonstrated by the Obama people in putting Bill’s feet to the fire also provided more than enough precedent today for the NYT to run a detailed story about Clinton’s blatant influence peddling with the country of Kazakhstan, boring in on Bill’s representation of Frank Giustra, his uranium buddy and Clinton foundation mega-payday. Not only that but this undated NYT image fell out of the woodwork to go along with it showing Bill with little Frank on the right. On the left, by the way, is Scottish businessman, Sir Tom Hunter (who, matching Giustra, donated $100 million to the Clinton Foundation) patting Bill as if signaling property rights.

Maybe Hillary failed in her campaign promise to the American people to contain her husband, but Obama seems up to the task of an up-to-now unheard of roping in.



After Mining Deal, Financier Donated to Clinton (NYT)

(image: Evelyn Hockstein for The New York Times. undated. location unknown)

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