November 14, 2008

Resentment At Hand Between Palin And GOP?

Call it a case of rough handling.

Even though the media touted it as Sarah Palin’s press conference, the press event yesterday at the Republican Governors Conference was designed and intended as a press conference for all the governors.

After his own opening remarks, Texas Governor and chairman of the organization Rick Perry did introduce Palin who spoke for several minutes about the goals of the organization. At that point, however, Perry opened up the floor to questions for everyone on stage.

With reporters having been deprived of spontaneous access to Palin throughout the presidential campaign, however, it didn’t take much imagination to know where this was heading.

If you watch the video, you can see how Palin (at about the 9:20 mark) steps back into line with the other governors having already answered the first three questions — Palin using most of the last one to emphasize how much she’s just part of the group.

At that point, Perry forcefully moved to the podium and announced there would only be one more question. He then pointed to one of the reporters and specifically asked: “Who do you want (to ask a question to)?”

Although it happened quickly and could easily be taken as stage management, it is interesting how a severe-looking Perry actually grips Palin’s arm to put her back at the podium (SP grimacing for an instant, less for the grip than for the awkwardness) as her number comes up again.

I could well imagine the press session (which reports indicated ended abruptly) having gone on much longer if the other governors were in on the action. Perry’s handling, instead, seemed at least partly reflective of a resentment the governors must be feeling toward their diva counterpart.

Also see: newswire shot of Perry pulling at his pocket flap while looking at Palin, and CSPAN video of the 12 minute session.

(screen grabs: BNN via C-SPAN)

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