November 26, 2008


Al Shaw, Michael Shaw

I am deeply thankful to each and everyone who has joined me and taken the BAGnewsNotes mission to heart.

* To Al, who may be investing the bulk of his prodigious talent at TPM these days but still remains a key architect behind the success of BNN (and an incredible partner to cover a convention with)

* To Ida, Cara, Chris, Terri and Karen

* To Alan, Nina, Lori and Zoriah

* To Stephen, Tim, Mario, Erin, Denise and Craig

* To John, Loret, Bob, Michael and Nate

* To Sara, Leo and Steven

* To the broader readership, with a special nod to those of you who supply me with all the wonderfully helpful tips and takes

* And especially, to a simply stunning group of reader-discussants who, on a daily basis, have made the comments here a “must read” for anyone interested in visual politics

I don’t know how to thank you all except to say that, with your continued engagement, The BAG — over the next twelve months — is going to become a broader, richer and certainly more collective endeavor than I could ever have imagined.

A joyous holiday to all!

— Michael

(image: Jesse Wendel/Group News Blog. Democratic National Convention. 2008)

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