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December 16, 2008

Dana's Shine(r), And More

Dana Perino.jpg

Beyond evidence of the lingering indignity of Bush’s Iraq farewell, I wonder if there might have been nearly so many tight close-ups if it was Fleischer, McClellan or Snow who got popped in the eye. (Actual size on Daylife.)

bush shoe Iraq cartoon.jpg

Then, there was this from a collection of Islamic world cartoons featured at Daily Beast. Translation? : THE LAST THING BUSH SAW IN IRAQ.

Blix Bush Mosaic Al Rasheed.jpg

… Still, however, my best 02/’03 recollection on the theme — during the stretch when Cheney/Bush was walking all over the U.N. inspection program — was Hans Blix planting his loafers on George Senior’s face at the El Rasheed.

(image: AP. Dec. 16, 2008. White House, Washington.)

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