December 1, 2008

George, Laura & World AIDS Day: But They Look Good In Ribbons

WASHINGTON - DECEMBER 1: (AFP OUT) U.S. President George W. Bush (L), accompanied by first lady Laura Bush, walks in front of a large red ribbon to deliver remarks on World Aids Day on the North Lawn of the White House December 1, 2008 in Washington, DC. President Bush was to announce that his administration had already achieved its objective of providing funding for treatment for two million people with HIV/AIDS by the end of 2008.  (Photo by Mannie Garcia-Pool/Getty Images)

U.S. President George W. Bush speaks alongside a giant red AIDS ribbon on the occasion of World AIDS day with first lady Laura Bush on the North Lawn of the White House in Washington December 1, 2008.   REUTERS/Jason Reed   (UNITED STATES)

a. If you looked up “pandering” in the dictionary.

b. Desperate days in the legacy hunt?

c. Laura gets World AIDS Day mixed up with Christmas?

d. It’s always been about backgrounds and logos. (This angle catches the matching pins.)

e. Chill out. The AIDS crisis can use the big statement.

f. All of the above.

(image 1: Manny Garcia/Getty. image 2: Jason Reed/Reuters. Washington December 1, 2008)

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