December 19, 2008

Holiday At The BAG (Or: Eat, Drink And Be Mary?)

From now until New Years, I’m loosening up. More pictures. Fewer words. Not just politics. Hopefully, there will be plenty to talk about. (If you’ve got recommendations, let me know.)

As a jumping-off point, I was wondering if you heard about two new illustrated bibles described by NPR as catering to a “more hip and secular” audience? There is the “Bible Illuminated,” a glossy, intentionally provocative, coffee table offering, and then there is the Green Bible, with “eco”-relevant passages in green.

The lead image and the explanatory page (inset – click for full size) are from the “Bible Illuminated,” if that’s the name. (It’s hard to tell.) On the website, there are also “daily illuminations” which pair biblical phrases with often wildly politically-incorrect (and uncredited) newswire images.

I was specifically wondering what you thought of the example page above? Paired with the photo of the girl is a quote from the Book of Numbers reading: “Whoever refuses to work is not allowed to eat.”

(Update: Sorry about the broken image links.)

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