December 13, 2008

Looking At The "Post-Partisan" Religious Political Picture


Photographed in the midst of the Bush 43 era, these folks are clearly right-wing Christian Conservatives. You get that just from the veneration of the flag (and its presentation as handiwork) as married to all the religious iconography.

But then, doesn’t the current political climate (and/or the current narrative about that climate), as expressed by the Obama victory and the dispersal of the “values vote,” make this composition much more ambiguous?

For example, what if these were “Yes On 8” Obama supporters and she, concerned with “sinful inequalities,” was reading about the reform of mandatory sentences for non-violent drug offenders, while he, passionate about “creation care,” was pouring over a volume on the moral imperative to combat climate change?

…Nina Berman’s original caption, by the way, is available after the jump.

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(image © Nina Berman)

Taken in 2005, the original caption of the photo reads: The bookstore at the Southeastern Christian Church where books and consumer items are sold. The SECC is the 7th largest megachurch in the US, with attendance over 18,000. Each weekend the church brings in $800,000 in tax free donations.The church is evangelical and homosexuals are not permitted as members.

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