December 12, 2008

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©David Burnett/Contact. March 2 . 2008

BAGnewsNotes contributer Alan Chin as captured by

the distinguished photojournalist David Burnett

To Readers And Friends,

In the four years since BNN has been in existence, the site has experienced strong and positive acceptance from the political blogosphere, the photojournalism community, visual academics, and concerned readers such as yourself.

As the only political blog dedicated 100% to visual politics and the analysis of news images, BNN has been recognized as a ’06 Webby Awards finalist for Best Political Blog (along with Huffington Post and Columbia Journalism Review) and winner of the ’06 Koufax Award for Best Post. This year, we were credentialed to cover the 2008 Democratic National Convention and we were honored to receive the first Gilliard Grant of Merit for Excellence in Journalism and News Blogging at Netroots Nation.

Over the past year, BAGnewsNotes has brought you original photography and image-driven analysis from the campaign trail; exclusive on-site DNC coverage; and launched BAGnewsSalon, an on-line, real-time discussion series in which leading photographers, experts in the photojournalism community and visual academics analyze the political imagery of the day.

In the next six months, with the help of an expanding team of contributers and expert volunteers, we have even more in store including a site upgrade, greater readership involvement via social networking tools, and the introduction of new editorial and contributer features.

This kind of effort, however, doesn’t happen without resources. I understand we are moving into uncertain economic times. At the same time, however, we can use your support, however large or small, to meet our goals.

Recently, BNN entered into a relationship with a major arts organization, Fractured Atlas , which allows us, as a partner, to accept tax deductible contributions. (Fractured Atlas, itself a non-profit, provides services to over 50,000 artists and arts organizations throughout the world.) Now, not only can you help sustain our activities, but you can receive a charitable deduction for doing so.

All funds donated to BAGnewsNotes go toward one of three things, operating expenses, coverage of special events or photographer stipends. The vast bulk of that funding, however, goes directly to photographers to maintain year-round contributor relationships as a precedent for the independent funding of photojournalism.

You can make a contribution on-line by following this link.

Or, if you prefer to write a check, please make it out to “Fractured Atlas,” with “BAGnewsNotes” on the memo line, and send to:


c/0 Michael Shaw, Ph.D.

P.O. Box 3217

Manhattan Beach, California 90266.

As we look toward 2009 and a whole new political landscape, I’m proud of everything you receive from “The BAG,” and hope you will support us as we grow.


Michael is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions in behalf of BAGnewsNotes may be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

(image ©David Burnett/Contact. March 2 . 2008)

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