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December 25, 2008

Picks of the Year

Bee Afganistant Reuters TOP08.jpg

Although I’m up north with family and pursuing a minimalist strategy for a couple of days, I have done a little combing through the glut of “Best of ’08” photo lists.

I like this Reuters image as much for its prospective, as its retrospective value. To the extent the Afghan War draws heightened attention in the coming year (replacing Iraq as our “A” war), territorial stalemate and signification of futility will have much greater impact. This photo, taken in May, shows a U.S. Marine escaping a close call in a firefight with the Taliban in Helmland Province.   

(image: Goran Tomasevic. caption: Sgt. William Olas Bee, a U.S. Marine from the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, has a close call after Taliban fighters opened fire near Garmser in Helmand Province of Afghanistan May 18, 2008. The Marine was not injured.)

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