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December 18, 2008

Suddenly, "America's Preacher" Surrounded By Rays And Stars

Warren Obama.jpg
Warren 2.jpgWarren 3.jpgWarren 4.jpg

With America’s transition into the Obama era, a lot of faces and figures are on the rise.

In the newswire photo above, from the Rick Warren/McCain/Obama Saddleback “parish hall” back in August, in appears — from the purple background — like a Godly emanation is flowing from Warren. From a power standpoint, the analogy is hard to dispute. Although Obama conditioned Warren’s inaugural invitation as part of a “big tent” approach, the invocation nod can’t help but elevate Warren into the de-facto role of America’s top preacher, if not an Obama brother-in-arms.

And then, the series below is visually noteworthy for the wonderful political/evangelical/media overlap, the pulpit-worthy close-ups (with the tell-tale stars) captured at the temple of the Clinton Global Initiative.

(images: to follow)

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