January 23, 2009

The Anti-Palin?

Representative Kirsten Gillibrand, a first-term Democrat from the Albany region, gave birth on Thursday to a healthy baby boy, her office said. She is the sixth woman to have a child while a member of Congress. … The congresswoman continued to work until the day before the birth, voting on Wednesday for the farm bill. — Son Born to New York Congresswoman. (May 16, 2008 – NYT).

Liberal Democrats have been wary of her because she ran for re-election with the backing of the National Rifle Association, opposed the federal TARP program to rescue banks, and has been less than enthusiastic about gay marriage. DAVE PICKS GILLIBRAND AS LIBERAL DEMS HOWL.  NYPost

Is part of the power of the Gillibrand Senate appointment the way the Blue Dog (in other words, “maverick”) Congresswoman usurps the symbolism of the (lightweight, but highly-spun) Republican phenom?

Besides little Henry here (mother and baby in pure white, the wedding ring prominently displayed), we have the family portrait, all that honey, and the feeling of country fair. (I also like this one, and this from today’s NYT slideshow.)

(h/t: AC)

(image: unattributed. From NYT slideshow: Paterson’s Senate Choice)

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