January 6, 2009



She has been queen of her castle for quite a while now and the face of the Democratic Party, and I think she is going to want to continue to be at least the co-face as much as possible,” said one longtime senior Congressional official who did not want to be identified talking about the speaker’s outlook. — from: “Speaker Makes Room for New No. 1 Democrat,” (NYT)

“Co-face?” (Anyone remember the White House News Photographers Association’s 2007 Political Photo of the Year?) I mean, with the country in a shambles, the media wouldn’t want the Democrats getting off to a rocky start, would it?

One has to wonder, the way the NYT stacked these images yesterday in a preview speculating how Speaker Pelosi (who, the article deems to point out, “has relished being in command”) will get along with President Obama. The caption reads:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she is thrilled to be working with a fellow Democrat in the White House. But adjustments are inevitable. Rahm Emanuel, Mr. Obama’s chief of staff, with David Axelrod, left, Mr. Obama’s senior advisor.

That last sentence probably should probably have continued: “… looking pissed off at Pelosi, even though the two pictures have nothing to do with each other.” (The bottom photo was actually taken 2 weeks ago, at an Obama press conference in Chicago.)

(image 1: Stephen Crowley/NYT. image 2: Ozier Muhammed/NYT)

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