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February 18, 2009

Autograph Seekers

Like yesterday, I find the White House caption (as a reflection of the Administration-mind) as interesting as the photo. A few takes:

1. I’m impressed with the way Obama faced up those legislators, eliciting intense skepticism from the white-haired guy, the patronizing smile from the guy on his left, and the tinge of wariness from the women. If the use of the word “surround” here is not completely innocent, I have to wonder who really has who surrounded?

2. The caption implies a hypocrisy for wanting autographs, then steamrolling the vote. If the connection itself is dubious (Obama, red or blue, representing one hot autograph), drawing it makes the White House sound thin-skinned. Like: we gave them their damn autographs and then they stabbed us in the back.

3. By the way, is that Eric Cantor in the distance? If so, perhaps it’s no coincidence the GOP’s budding Congressional star reflects a power position, similar to Obama’s, in the room.

WH slideshow: The story of the economic recovery package

(image: Pete Souza/White House)

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