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February 23, 2009

Bipartisanship, Continued

Fiscal Responsibility Summit.jpg

1. White House enabling a (re-)united front?

2. Funny who's so interested in those cameras.

3. Why does it seem we're mostly the ones suffering the harsh light?

4. Do the tops of those chairs remind you of brass knuckles?

I'm still waiting to see some video of the group participation portion of the Fiscal Responsibility Summit. Based on the still imagery, however, D.C. this week remains true to form.

(3:58 PST – Removed the item about the chandelier looking like a drill.)

(Update 9:43pm PST. Obama's wrap-up session after the break-out meetings, calling on Democrats and Republicans alike to give feedback, was really masterful. Not only was he on top of the issues but you could really see how — a day at a time — he is working on unwinding the polarization and animosity in the Congress. The 40 minute video is not just surprisingly watchable, it is also interesting to witness how infectiously Obama reaches out, particularly with humor, to "the toughest nuts," including Graham, Cantor and, of course, McCain. C-SPAN video here.)

(image: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters. Senators Joe Lieberman (L), John McCain (C) and Lindsey Graham listen to remarks at the Fiscal Responsibility Summit hosted by President Obama at the White House in Washington February 23, 2009)

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