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February 16, 2009



Take all that friction between the White House and Karzai, add in the buzz surrounding Obama’s Blackberry and the fact the guy in this ad looks like a youngish black executive type (the “enterprise server”) kicking back in lovely weather, then factor in the circumstances of U.S. point man, enforcer and super(man)-envoy Richard Holbrooke hitting Kabul to tell Karzai how it is (a day after the Taliban attacked the Justice Ministry and the Prisons Department), and voilá, you’ve got the springboard — between the guy overhead and the representative Afghani slogging it out on the bike through this snowstorm — to explain all kinds of fissures and 1st world/3rd world resentments.

(image: Paula Bronstein – Kabul, Afghanistan, February 13, 2009)

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