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February 24, 2009

Obama’s Non-SOTU: The BAG’s Top 11 Screen Grabs Of The Night

Though the times might be grim (hat tip to Sergeant at Arms), what was inescapable tonight

was Obama’s irrepressible sense of confidence. (Although I thought a good part of the

pre-speech adulation was also post-Bush relief.)

Congress applauding the one honest banker in America.

Nancy kvelling (with good reason).

What a far cry from this.

“My good friend Dr. Coburn! Let me look at you (and, vice-versa).

Oh, there’s John! Hey John, I’m lovin’ my helicopter!”

(A month in, Obama’s already made major inroads seducing

the opposition. Beyond basketball, I think it’s his favorite sport.)

(The stuff of great caption contests. I’m leaving this one up to the readership.)

What was that mouth?

(Joe hasn’t been the same since Obama finished him off with a carrot.)

Good to see you. Good to be here.

Alas, keeping these guys happy too. (But not completely, thank God.)

The girl who wrote the “We’re Not Quitters” letter.

And one of the most popular First Ladies in history — as well as “44’s” ballast.

It was all downhill after “Happy Mardi Gras.”


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