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President Obama Photo February 10, 2009

Scaling Up

The sense I get from the first slideshow on the White House website -- perhaps colored by the resistance on Capitol Hill from the GOP -- is that Obama hasn't been sketched out large enough.

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Media Focus Photo February 9, 2009

Cheap Head Lines

It's hard not to see this CNN video of Obama bumping his head boarding Marine One as a cheap visual metaphor to suggest Obama is stumbling

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Back In The U.S.A.

I like this Reuters shot -- one of the first on the newswire -- of Obama on the road selling his stimulus package.

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Business Focus Photo February 8, 2009

Back In The Day

The most distinctive thing about this financial meltdown image might be the fact it's already four-and-a-half months old.

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Leibovitz The Pest, Among Other Things

The main problem with the administration portraits we've been looking at, particularly this latest shot by Annie Leibovitz, is that they aren't really portraits, they're rush jobs.

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International Focus Photo February 7, 2009

Richard Holbrooke? I Was Thinking John Wayne.

The NYT offers this image promoting Richard Holbrooke as uber-diplomatic and Obama-era rock star.

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Uncategorized Photo February 6, 2009

Oh Lord

Although Reid was only resting his eyes for a moment, the image -- taken in the heat of the Senate stimulus debate -- symbolizes and epitomizes what's wrong with the Democrats.

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Friday Afternoon Your Turn: I’ve Looked At Clouds From Both Sides Now

Although I'm constantly amused by the over-the-top images and juxtapositions leading The Huffington Post , I haven't really called one out before. This seemed particularly enticing, though, especially for a Friday afternoon.

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More Unraveling

This post is a follow-up to one featured yesterday, offering the powerful images of photojournalist John Moore, powerful evidence of this cruel recession, and one family's unwarranted eviction.

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Do One Thing

On the 14th, and going forward, over a hundred leading photojournalists, many Pulitzer Prize winners, will do their "one thing" in the form of documenting teen homelessness.

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Media Focus Photo February 5, 2009

Mad Men

TIME's White House photo blog calling Obama crazy -- or just his stimulus plan?

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The Great Unraveling

Mary Ann Smith collects some belongings after an eviction team removed the furniture from her foreclosed house. This is a scene of personal desolation.  

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Mario Tama Photo February 4, 2009

Ground Zero 2009

I find this image from Mario Tama particularly fitting given Obama's crack down today on executives whose firms have been scoring bail-out dollars.

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White House Superbowl Party

(I should mention that, in contrast to the Bush WH site, the Obama Administration has chosen -- at least, so far -- not to host a photo gallery.... And then, it could just be coincidence, but I'm interested in the fact the game action is taking place near the...

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BAGannouncements Photo February 3, 2009

Typepad Connect

Effective tomorrow, I am turning on a new feature called Typepad Connect which upgrades the look and functionality of BNN's discussion threads.

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Daschle Watch: Exhuming The Pontiac

So, was it a visual (or the specter of one) that ultimately brought Daschle down?

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Stimulus Showdown (Or: Remember The Inauguration Eve Dinner Honoring John McCain?)

BAGnewsNotes looks at John McCain and his impish spoiler role as the Obama stimulus plan hits the Senate.

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Media Focus Photo February 2, 2009

The Real Moral Of The Phelps Bong Hit Photo? (Don’t Mess With The Sponsors.)

It seems the American public and media now largely take in stride the knowledge of someone -- such as the President, for example --- having smoked marijuana, but, at least in Michael Phelps's case, there is a completely different threshold for the image of it.

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