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President Obama Photo February 18, 2009

Autograph Seekers

I'm impressed with the way Obama faced up those GOP legislators. I wonder who really has who surrounded?

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President Obama Photo February 17, 2009

Catering To The Right

This latest slide show from the White House -- tracking the President's marketing of the stimulus bill -- seeks to demonstrate (and document) just how much Obama made efforts at bipartisanship.

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Your Turn: Recession Memorial

  I'm interested in your reactions to this image. It shows the photos of laid off workers posted outside a German microchip plant.

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If Salon's publication of these photos helps the military reform its culture and more effectively aid traumatized Iraq War vets before they get suicidal, this family will have done a great service.

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International Focus Photo February 16, 2009


Take all that friction between the White House and Karzai, add in the buzz surrounding Obama's Blackberry and the fact the guy in this ad looks like a youngish black executive type kicking back in lovely weather, and you can suddenly see all kinds of fissures and 1st world/3rd...

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Media Focus Photo

Beyond The Echo Chamber

What Charlie Crist understands and the photo demonstrates is that Obama -- a month in -- is far from weakened, far from damaged.

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Media Focus Photo February 15, 2009

Fleeing The Beltway

There is a geographic dance playing out this week between Obama, the media, and the GOP.

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This photo was taken by Carmine Galasso, a senior photographer at New Jersey's "The Record," for the teen homelessness project, Do1Thing.

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9/11 In Passing

This photo of Beverly Eckert -- the 9/11 widow -- has stayed with me since she died in the Buffalo plane crash three days ago.

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Culture Focus Photo February 13, 2009

World Press Photo Awards/Your Turn: Now War Is Coming Into People’s Houses Because They Can’t Pay Their Mortgages

The winner of World Press Photo, the most visible and prestigious photojournalism award was announced today. The picture, by Anthony Suau, shows an armed officer of the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department moving through a home in Cleveland, Ohio, following eviction as a result of mortgage foreclosure.

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Uncategorized Photo February 12, 2009

Con-Census (From Both Sides): Gregg Looked Suspicious

Was Judd Gregg a trojan horse? Seems there were suspicions, on both sides, from the beginning.

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Do 1 Thing Saturday

On the 14th, and going forward, over a hundred leading photojournalists, many Pulitzer Prize winners, will do their "one thing" in the form of documenting teen homelessness.

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Infantilizing Obama

In a far cry from any honeymoon, Washington has been testing Obama from minute 1, even subtlely questioning if he's too young or inexperienced for the job.

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Like A Locked Vault

A look at the smooth performance of bank CEO's before Congress yesterday.

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Uncategorized Photo February 11, 2009

Your Turn: The World’s Been Waiting

BAGnewsNotes readers respond to the Michelle O. Vogue cover.

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President Obama Photo February 10, 2009

The Scene From Fort Myers, A Far Cry From The Beltway

Beyond the powerful PR for the President, yesterday's townhall in Fort Myers was a moral victory for the people and the opportunity to contrast between inside and outside the Beltway.

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The Mortgage Meltdown: We Missed It Completely… Because We Knew It All Along!

In contrast to all those scratching their heads right now over how they could have predicted this banking meltdown, it was common wisdom two years ago -- as this Economist cover and BNN write-up reveals -- that this market was going to crash.

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Your Turn: The Light On Tim

  This is a particularly strange image the NYT chose to insert in its lead article about Tim Geithner's unveling of the Administration's banking bailout plan.

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