February 10, 2009

Your Turn: The Light On Tim


This is a particularly strange image the NYT chose to insert in its lead article about Tim Geithner’s unveiling of the Administration’s banking bailout plan.

Just off the bat, it’s one of the very few images I’ve seen of Geithner looking relaxed and unselfconscious — obviously due to the candid moment. (Compared to the typical, it’s striking to see “what he really looks like.”) Then, there is the fact TG is thumbing through (and also looking away from) an edition of a black business publication with Obama on the cover. We have TG perhaps looking toward Summers. And then, there is the disembodied female hand on Summers’s back.

All that, mixed with the caption that Geithner and Summers prevailed on the rescue plan over leading Administration opposition, makes for a strange brew.

Your thoughts on the image, as well as where The Times — with all the photo options available — might have been going with this?

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Michael Shaw
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