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Uncategorized Photo February 27, 2009

Michelle Obama’s Official Portrait (Or: Take That, Jefferson!)

In a brilliant if subtle move, Michelle Obama uses her official White House portrait to juxtapose herself, as First Lady, with slave-owning Thomas Jefferson.

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Media Focus Photo

First Returns On Obama, C.I.C.

Looking at the first photos of Obama as C.I.C., in front of a large audience of soldiers at Camp Lejeune, the question, from a media standpoint, is: how well did he wear?

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Front Towards Enemy

The administration plans to shift 17,000 troops to Afghanistan and leave 35 - 50,ooo troops in Iraq? Tell him to his face.

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President Obama Photo February 26, 2009

Notes On The Latest WH Slide Show

Notes on the latest WH slide show

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Little More State Of The Union

I enjoy the tilt-shift technique. Still, I'm wondering about the dynamics here, in this State of the Union photo by Brooks Kraft for the TIME White House photo site.

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Uncategorized Photo February 25, 2009

Refusing To Sully The Everyday Hero?

  Consider these two "State of the Union" photos, and particularly, their implications for the difference between Obama and Bush.

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President Obama Photo February 24, 2009

Obama’s Non-SOTU: The BAG’s Top 11 Screen Grabs Of The Night

The BAGnewsNotes Non-State Of The Union Top Eleven Screen Grabs Of The NIght

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Sign Of The Times

Line of job seekers snakes around the Whitcomb Hotel as they wait to enter the California Job Journal HIREvent Feb. 10, in San Francisco, Calif.

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Mood Music

There's a lot of buzz leading up to Obama's address to Congress tonight about how much to dial up or down the distress. As the emotional antithesis of Bush, I trust Obama not to play with our heads.

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President Obama Photo February 23, 2009

Bipartisanship, Continued

I'm still waiting to see some video of the audience participation portion of the Fiscal Responsibility Summit. If this photo of the 3 Amigos is representative of the overall vibe, however, action in D.C. this week is remaining true to form.

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Bernie Between The Lines

The photo on the cover of the March Portfolio is from a cache of Madoff portraits just discovered from a ten-year-old photo shoot. I had several strong and immediate associations to this image.

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Looking Like A Million

What stands out is how much the Mumbai slum residents, under the observation of photographers and journalists, become "feel good" actors again as they share this engaging moment watching the Academy Awards on T.V.

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Uncategorized Photo February 22, 2009

Bury Us Not On The Lone Prairie

Equally recognized for his theatrics, his blind fiscal conservatism and his presidential ambitions, last week Governor Mark Sanford galloped onto the national stage by threatening to reject $2.8 billion in federal stimulus dollars for S.... Last February, Jim Morrill at Standard.Net offered this background on the Gov when Sanford...

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Culture Focus Photo February 21, 2009

Recession Food And Drink

As the visual MSM starts to finally absorb the meltdown, this Newsweek slideshow, titled "What About Us?", takes various angles on the pain -- including the foodstuff of hard times and the increased role of demon alcohol.

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Business Focus Photo February 20, 2009

Automotive Wreckage And Crash's Law

Although the crash explodes in an instant, it was developing well before: when people weren’t paying attention, when merely adequate brakes were installed, or barely adequate regulations enacted.... Emily Dickinson said it best: Ruin is formal — Devil’s work Consecutive and slow – Fail in an instant, no man...

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Race Focus Photo February 18, 2009

Killing That Little Monkey

Well obviously the NY Post cartoon that kills the monkey for writing the stimulus bill is thoroughly racist, taking direct aim at Obama. Here's my analysis.

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Media Focus Photo

Rove, TwitPics, Hugs And Guns

Now that Rove has discovered Twitter and (perhaps the aptly named) Twitpics, he can self-promote in a whole new way.

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Michelle At The Interior

What's most elegant about Michelle Obama.

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