February 21, 2009

Recession Food And Drink

As the visual MSM starts to finally absorb the meltdown, this Newsweek slideshow, titled “What About Us?“, takes various angles on the pain.

This first image does more than just highlight the foodstuff of hard times. At the edges of the photo, both the fate of the American grocery shopper, as well as his or her nutritional status, grows more blurry.

I’m pleased they brought up this second subject, capturing a systems engineer in a Manhattan tavern having a beer after work:

Sure, the caption goes out of its way to emphasize this guy’s working. The photo, on the other hand — consisting mostly of spirits, complimented by the swig and the long and ambiguous sideways glance — has a clear message. As the recession slogs on, more and more people will be hitting the bottle.

(image 1: David McNew/Getty; image 2: Ed Ou/AP)

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