March 13, 2009

BNN On The Radio

For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing a weekly segment on “No Days Off,” a BlogTalkRadio program hosted Friday afternoons by Susan Smith and Alison Morano of the Florida Progressive Coalition.

We do a 10 minute segment at the top of the show called “Pictures of the Week.”  I discuss the week’s more notable photos posted on The BAG, at times working in and crediting takes from the readership. This week, I’ll probably be talking about the Obama photo posted on Wednesday, the Michael Steele image, as well as the Stewart – Cramer interview. The show comes on at 4 pm EST/1 pm PST. If you’d like to listen in, here’s the link.

Also, I recently did a half-hour podcast with Vipul Vyas of The conversation ranges from the origins of BNN to how the Bush administration and the conservative right artfully managed and manipulated visuals for their own ends. You can catch that here.

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