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March 1, 2009

Bring On The Handcuffs

Pendergest-Holt arrested.jpg

If Ms. Pendergest-Holt was an obvious target — as Chief Investment Officer for Alan Stanford, the financier who managed an $8 billion Ponzi scheme — it’s still a small satisfaction to see someone, anyone offering financial smoke and mirrors do a perp walk these days.

Congress members attend Caribbean caucus meeting with Allen Stanford (TPM slideshow)

(image: Sharon Steinmann – AP/Houston Chronicle. caption: Laura Pendergest-Holt, the chief investment officer of troubled Stanford Financial Group, center, is brought into the Federal Court building, Friday, Feb. 27, 2009, in Houston. Pendergest-Holt faces charges she obstructed the Securities and Exchange Commission investigation of the Stanford scandal by lying about her knowledge of the firm’s activities and by omitting key details.)

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