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March 18, 2009

Mad Ave's Guide To Wall Street — With Free Snacks

The cash in the pockets is simply farce, but the opening still frame — showing Carl checking out the ticket kiosk for the first time — is pretty devastating in terms of framing and damning the corporate class. Same thing juxtaposing tall, white, grey-templed, servant-equipped Carl with the stills of “regular people.”
I can’t help thinking, though, how much the high decibel, wall-to-wall hostility toward AIG this week by a bipartisan chorus of (otherwise enabling) politicians facilitated by the suddenly conscientious and muckraking corporate media is largely a way to get out in front of and co-opt a (larger) public backlash.
So here’s to Jet Blue (and that incredibly clever and sophisticated but rarely called-out corporate – Madison Avenue partnership) for making us laugh and believe that they are on our side in this supposed class war.

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