March 21, 2009

Michelle's Garden

Michelle's garden.jpg

After the insanity of this past week, thank God for Michelle Obama and the emotional ballast she offers this troubled country.

To see a White House photo without a shred of evidence of the physical White House, but just the grounds (as if forest) — when have you seen that before? Michelle’s White House vegetable garden and her week-ending photo-op embodies desperately-needed vitality. It’s a picture full of attributes that have been in short supply, including: grounding, growth, industry, cooperation.

Maybe I’ll stumble across this post in the future and wonder what I was smoking to want to all-of-a-sudden morph into a romantic poet. I hope, if I do, I’ll have next-to-no memory of how this week, otherwise, was so full of toxicity.

I’m so desperately hoping for a break from all the witch hunts and the hysteria. In the meantime, I’m soothed by that expression, Michelle’s aria to Spring.

(Update: Beware the kool-Aid, right? Looking through the discussion so far, I especially appreciate the links to the Taibbi piece and the Iraq video, as well as the take about the boots.)

(image: Jason Reed/Reuters. caption: U.S. first lady Michelle Obama joins 5th grade students from the Bancroft Elementary School during a groundbreaking ceremony for the new White House Kitchen Garden in Washington, March 20, 2009. The garden will grow about 25 varieties of fruits and vegetables which will be harvested by the White House kitchen for consumption at the White House.)

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